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Signature Facial Treatments

The Pelactiv Skin Renewal Cycle is designed to renew, repair and strengthen the skin. Pelactiv have designed the perfect program for every skin type. Pelactiv’s unique professional solutions exfoliate, hydrate, moisture and restore the skin’s radiance and vitality for VISIBLY HEALTHIER SKIN.

Pelactiv facials are ideal as a pick me up or for maximum results a package is suggested based on your needs and what you are wishing to achieve for your skin.

Our therapists are fully trained in this product as well as anatomy and physiology of the skin. Feel free to discuss any concerns or options with them at time of service.

All these treatments can be purchased as packages of six (6)

  • Pelactiv 30 minute Renewal Treatment
  • Pelactiv Renewal Treatment with Mask
  • Pelactiv 1 hour Rejuvenation Facial

Upgrade your facial to include and LED LIGHT THERAPY TREATMENT

bt-Accent LED™ Light Therapy

Don’t be blue over your skin.

Just be our kind of blue. (With a little bit of red).

bt-Accent LED™ works with blue and red light to reduce signs of ageing and assist with skin clearing and redness reduction to revitalise your skin.

We’re bringing you blue and red LED therapy.

We know you’re looking for the answer to beautiful skin. We know that it starts with bt-Accent LED™.

It starts with a specifically formulated LED light therapy treatment that utilises over 2000 powerful LED lights that target a diverse range of skin concerns.

Blue light treats skin clearing and redness reduction.

Red light increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, revitalising and renewing ageing skin.

Radiant skin that shines from the inside out is easier than ever with LED treatments that harnesses the powerful technology of light therapy. LED therapy is proven to firm, tighten and rejuvenate.

We tailor your treatment to your skin concerns. Let our professional and extremely skilled consultants cater your treatment to what’s best for you.

Discover bt-Accent LED™ today!

Introducing blue and red LED technology you’ll love.

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